The one thing that matters most: Family.
This web site provides valuable information that will hopefully change your thoughts about your water or confirm what you thought was true and what is beneficial. We care enough to deliver unconditionally the best solution for your household water.

NewFresh Wibiya Bar: Powerful Tools at your fingers! (See Bottom)

A little about NewFresh
Over the years our offerings have evolved from providing home improvement items
to larger whole house water treatment systems.

Today, we offer the most intelligent, effective products
for soft water needs:
The InjectaFlo Water system.

The problems of hard water vary with the source, individual perceptions, and
what’s important to you and your family. NewFresh Water Systems is here to help.

Did you know?
Our technology has been installed in residences around the globe for it’s ‘velvety soft feeling’.

Martin Cody
With a hands on approach and background in home improvement, engineering, and business development, he came to realize that we as consumers decide on the options: “How I want it, what I want, and when I want it.” With his diverse background, he came up with our simple approach and combination of all inclusive products. Everything that is required to buy, install…and to make the novice comfortable in purchase and setup… a comprehensive solution with nothing else to buy or worry about.
BJ Robert
A successful history and knowledge in operations and customer service as a ‘big box’ retail manager, and his operational background in construction and project management; allow BJ to understand - consumers buying philosophy, value of prompt solutions, negotiating and maintaining a maximum value at all times. BJ’s passion and commitment have driven him to be instrumental in ‘application specific’ configurations, and avoiding ‘project killers’ that cost more money and time.
“We offer all that is required for the customer’s particular needs to be quickly and completely addressed.”
Lee Bridges
Lee’s experience in consumer / business sales, product training, and general management led him to the behind the scenes advances vs. a driven sales approach. Fast response, on-line communications, videos for understanding, intelligent selection options, thoughtful installation guides, and helpful web site content have been his forte. Lee has understood and brought attention to the individual needs and has developed the architecture for on going customer support after sale. “Customer service is not a department its an attitude.”